Browser settings that affect your portal

Internet Explorer (IE)  Settings                                     ( Safari settings )

In order to view the browser and vault properly please update your browser settings using the instructions provided below:

A) Using Internet Explorer 'Compatibility View'

If you are having trouble viewing your portal and use Internet Explorer then turning on compatability view may fix the problem.

In Internet Explorer click on the broken page icon next to the address bar to turn on Compatibility View . In IE9 the icon appears in the address bar

If the broken page icon is not visible then press the "alt" key and then click on the "Tools" menu item that appears below the address bar. Select "Compatability View Settings" and add the portal url to the list of websites.

Then refresh your browser (F5). The portal should now display correctly.

Compatability Settings 


B) Adding your vault to Internet Explorer browser privacy settings

1. Open Internet Explorer browser.

2. Select ‘Tools’ from the browser menu, and click on 'Internet Options'.

3. Select the ‘Privacy’ tab

4. Click on the ‘Sites’ button.

5. Enter the following site: and then click on ‘Allow’

6. Click ‘ok’ and then close the browser.

Open a browser and try to access your vault.
You should now be able to see your vault folders.

If you are still unable to see your vault folders please contact your advisor.


Safari Settings

If you are not able to view your Vault or the Vault logon screen is appearing,  then the Safari trust relationship for the Vault may not have been established yet.  

In order to establish the trust relationship, go to the Vault URL directly in Safari.

After you have visited that URL then try logging into your portal and viewing your Vault.